Examination and Approval of Establishment of Old-people Nursing Institution


Execution authority: Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau (Social Welfare Division), district/county Civil Affairs Bureaus

Application procedure: the applicant shall submit following documents:
(I) Written application;
(II) Copy of ID card or duplicate copy of Corporate Registration Certificate and copy of ID card of legal person;
(III) Feasibility report;
(IV) Articles of association;
(V) Agreement of cooperation;
(VI) Lease contract of house;
(VII) Certification of capital;
(VIII) Overall construction drawing;
(IX) "Verification Form for Name of Old-people Nursing Institution";
(X) "Application Form for Establishment of Social Welfare Institution in Shanghai".
The old-people nursing institution established with joint investment or cooperation by foreign organization or individual and domestic organization shall be approved by Foreign Investment Commission of Shanghai.
Execution procedure:
(I) Acceptance: the application submitted to the local district/county Civil Affairs Bureau in charge of the old-people nursing institution to be established shall be accepted.
(II) Examination: the authority shall check the trueness, validity and legality of the documents, certificates and forms and conduct a field investigation.
(III) Verification: the authority shall notify the applicant of the result in written form.
The period of validity of approval document shall vary with the scale of institution, 1 year for that with at most 100 beds and 2 years for that with more than 100 beds.
Standard and basis of charge:
Submitted to:
Execution address: Room 153, 215 Jiangxizhong Road
Basis of execution: (I) "Interim Measures of Management of Social Welfare Institutions"
(II) "Measures of Management of Old-person Nursing Institution in Shanghai";
(III) "Design Standard of the Buildings for Old-people Nursing";
(IV) "Detailed Regulations of Shanghai on Establishment of Old-people Nursing Institutions"

Contact phone: 63232222*1531
Time of service: 9:00-11:30 on Tuesday and Thursday

Time limit: (I) The application for the institution with 50-150 beds or the investment amount at or less than 10 million yuan shall be examined and approved by district/county Civil Affairs Bureau within 30 working days since accepting the application.
(II) The application for the institution with over 150 beds or the investment amount more than 10 million yuan shall be taken into the preliminary examination by district/county Civil Affairs Bureau within 20 working days since accepting the application, and, if approved, be submitted to municipal Civil Affairs Bureau for examination and approval, which shall be carried out within 20 working days since acceptance of the application.
Applicant's qualification: (I) Applicant
1. Citizen, legal person or other social organization.
2. The establishment is with joint investment or cooperation by foreign organization or individual and domestic organization.
(II) Qualification of application
1. In conformity with the overall planning of old-people nursing institutions in Shanghai;
2. With fixed service place and over 50 beds;
3. The construction is designed in conformity with the regulations and standards on construction of old-people nursing institution, single bed with the usable area more than 5 square meters, the construction area of 25 square meters and total construction area over 1250 square meters, with obstacle-free facilities suitable for old people, connected to residence or official building with independent pathway;
4. With basic buildings, like dinning hall, toilet and bathroom, and indoor and outdoor exercise field;
5. With articles of association and management system;
6. With proper managerial and nursing staff suitable for the service. The qualification of the main principals and nursing staff shall meet the requirement set by the authority for civil affairs.
7. With abundant medical staff who are qualified to the requirements set by the administrative authority for hygiene;
8. With the capital enough for the requirement. 10 thousand yuan shall be required for every bed.