Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau


The major duties of the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau are as follows:
I. To implement the guidelines, policies, laws, rules and regulations related to environmental protection; to study and draw up the drafts of the relevant local rules and regulations, and policies in relation to environmental protection in the light of the actual circumstances in this Municipality, and organize the implementation of such rules and regulations, policies.

II. To study and formulate the development strategy for environmental protection work of this Municipality in accordance with the overall planning of national economic and social development of this Municipality; to formulate the medium- and long-term planning and annual plans of environmental protection, and organize the implementation of such planning; to participate in the formulation of planning of national economic and social development, territory planning, district (county) region planning, and city overall planning; to organize the drawing up of the environmental function zoning; to draw up the control plan and reduction plan of the total discharge quantity of pollutant of this Municipality jointly with the relevant departments; to coordinate and settle the major problems in environmental protection work.

III. To be responsible for supervisory administration of the prevention and control of pollut of air, water body, soil, noise, radiation, solid waste, toxic chemicals and motor vehicles exhaust; to cooperate with the relevant departments in the promotion of adjustment in energy structure; to be responsible for the prevention and control of the land-source pollutant and environmental protection work in coastal engineering construction projects to prevent the pollution to the sea.

IV. To supervise the exploitation and utilization activities of natural resources that have impact on the ecological environment, the major environmental protection construction and the rehabilitation work of ecological destruction; to supervise and inspect the environmental protection work of nature protection areas, scenic beauty areas and forest parks; to supervise and exam the bio-diversity protection, wild animals and plants protection and environmental protection work of wetland; to be responsible for the management of the environmental security of biological technology; to be responsible for the eco-environmental protection in rural areas, and to direct the construction of ecological demonstration areas and ecological agriculture.

V. To investigate and handle the major environmental pollution accidents and ecological destruction accidents; to coordinate the regional environment pollution disputes, and deal with the environmental pollution disputes involved outside the administrative area; to be responsible for environmental supervision and administrative inspection of environmental protection; to be responsible for the management of the funds for the prevention and control of pollution sources jointly with the relevant department; to organize the implementation of law enforcement inspection of environmental protection in this Municipality.

VI. To formulate the standards of environmental quality, pollutant discharge, and total discharge control of this Municipality; to organize the editing and issuing of the environmental quality report of this Municipality; to release the environmental status bulletin of this Municipality as well as the quality forecast of the essentials such as air environment.

VII. To organize the implementation of the environmental management systems such as pollutant discharge declaration registration, discharge permit issuance, collection of pollutant discharge fee, assessment of environmental impact and etc., and to implement the supervisory management of the discharge of different kinds of pollutant; to examine and approve according to its limits of authority the environmental impact reports of development construction projects, technical renovation projects, coast construction projects and the exploitation of drainage areas and regions.

VIII. To be responsible for the work of monitoring, statistics and information of environment; to formulate the system and norms of environmental monitoring; to organize the establishment and management of the citywide environmental monitoring network and environmental information network; to organize the monitoring of environmental quality and pollution sources; to be responsible for the examination and unification of the quality of environmental impact assessment.

IX. To organize the key task projects in scientific and technological research, scientific research and technical demonstration projects related to environmental protection jointly with the relevant departments; to implement the management of environmental labels authentication with the relevant departments; to direct and promote the development of the environmental protection industries.

X. To be responsible for international and inter-regional cooperation and exchange of environmental protection of this Municipality; to organize and coordinate the performance of the international environmental protection treaties in this Municipality; to participate in the coordination of foreign economic cooperation and foreign investment projects; to promote the public and nongovernmental organizations’participation in environmental protection; to be responsible for foreign-related environmental protection affairs as authorized by the Municipal Government.

XI. To be responsible for the supervisory administration of the environmental radiation, radioactive wastes and environmental security of nucleus radiation; to participate in the emergency response to environmental radiation and nucleus accidents; to implement the uniform supervisory administration of the pollution prevention and control in the electromagnetism radiation and utilization of the nucleus technology.

XII. To be responsible for the acceptance and handling of the administrative reconsideration application and the response to the administrative litigation.

XIII. To undertake other matters assigned by the Municipal Government.

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