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Vice MayorHu Yanzhao
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Hu is in charge of agriculture, labor and social security, medical care insurance, industrial and commercial administration, civil affairs, product quality and technology supervision, food and drug supervision, cooperation and exchange, government works at district level and the armed forces in Shanghai.

Hu Yanzhao, male, was born in April 1951. Of Han nationality, Hu is a native of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. He graduated from the night school of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and is a senior statistician. He is currently Vice Mayor of Shanghai.

In his working experience with Shanghai Statistics Bureau, Hu served as vice director of the population department and vice Party Secretary of the bureau. He worked as vice captain of the urban and rural economic survey team and chief economist with Shanghai Development Planning Committee. Later, he was vice Party Secretary and governor of Putuo District. In January 2003, he was named vice secretary-general with CPC Shanghai Committee and dean of research office of Shanghai Municipality. From April 2004, Hu was promoted to be vice secretary-general with CPC Shanghai Committee, dean of research office of Shanghai Municipality and Party group member of Shanghai Municipality. In May 2004, Hu was appointed as vice Mayor of Shanghai.