Boy past critical phase after heart op

A toddler who was abandoned three times has passed through the critical period following heart surgery in the city, doctors said yesterday.

Volunteers have helped raise 130,000 yuan (US$20,501) to pay for treatment for 20-month-old Cui Chenxi.

They had heard that his foster parents, Cui Chunkai and Qian Fenglan from Shandong Province, had sold their home to meet medical expenses.

The couple were told doctors in Shandong that Chenxi had been abandoned three times because he had congenital heart disease.

They brought Chenxi to Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, where he underwent surgery on November 1.

“He has passed through the critical period,” said Xia Ling, an official at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center.

Fundraiser Zhou Shuping said the campaign would continue as Chenxi may require further treatment.