Sizzling summer days twice city's 30-year average

Shanghai is expected to have a hot summer, with 27 high temperature days with the mercury hitting at least 35 degrees Celsius, forecasters said.

Thats a few days more than last summer, and a slight increase over the 10-year average. But its almost double the citys 30-year average of 15 such scorchers per summer, according to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau.

The citys remarkable growth has caused it to heat up, as more hard surfaces and less green space make it more difficult for heat to dissipate, officials said.

Thats before adding in any possible effect of global warming, they said.

The bureau had predicted earlier that the number of high temperature days this summer would be between 22 and 27 days.

Wu Rui, a chief service officer of the bureau, said estimate has been tweaked but this summer should feel about like last summer, when Shanghai had 24 such extremely hot days. The average number of scorchers in the past decade was 26.

The city already had two sizzling days, on June 17 and 18, with the high reaching 36.4 and 36.6 degrees Celsius, respectively. The first of those days broke a 60-year-old record for the date, making it the hottest June 17 since records began 140 years ago.

This week, however, the high should stay below 30 degrees as the citys weather is dominated by clouds and showers, according to forecasters. Rain should last into the weekend.

Today is expected to be overcast with thundershowers that will be heavy in some areas, with a low of 24 degrees and a high of 28.

Tomorrow will be overcast with some showers and a low of 23 degrees Celsius and a high of 27.

Shanghai is in its annual, June-to-September flood season. The precipitation during this years season is expected to be less than average while there may be more thunderstorms.