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Notice of foreign children’s vaccinations in Shanghai

Foreign children living in Shanghai enjoy the same vaccinations as local residents. Foreign children can go to their neighborhood healthcare service center to receive a vaccination, or receive a vaccination at designated hospitals in the city’s districts and Chongming County. The procedures are as follows:

For foreign children born at local obstetrics hospitals, these hospitals will provide hepatitis B vaccine and BCG vaccination and give a bilingual Vaccination Certificate. The guardian of the foreign child can take the certificate with the child to the local neighborhood healthcare service center to receive vaccinations.

For foreign children entering China, their guardians need to prepare a vaccination record beforehand, and translate foreign-language records into English, and go to disease prevention centers in districts or Chongming County to translate it into Chinese, then go to their local neighborhood healthcare service center to receive vaccinations with the Chinese document.


1. Vaccination clinic service information can be checked at http://www.scdc.sh.cn/myQuerry.shtml (only in Chinese).

2. There may be differences in vaccination procedures and vaccines used among different countries and regions. In Shanghai, follow local practice.

3. There are different kinds of inoculations according to types, manufacturers and specifications, with some free and some at one’s own expense.