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Woodblock Prints

An exhibition featuring nearly 50 pieces of prints, varying from wood carving to silk screen in the past decades is on display. Local artists include Wang Jieyin, Lu Zhiping and Xiao Gu showcase their expertise on wood carving print, a popular art genre since the early 1900s in China. The exhibition also selects the earliest modern wood carving print created by Zhang Mingcao that depicts the scene of the War of Resistence Against Japanese Aggression.

Date: through June 29, 9:30am-4pm
Venue: Xuhui Art Museum
Address: 1413 Huaihai Rd M

Solidification Of Spirit

Chinese sculptor Ren Zhe’s focus on the themes of ancient Chinese warriors and civil servants are integrated with ideology and classics to create figures symbolizing different emotions, leading to different aesthetic implications. The sculptures are mostly based on the soul and spirit of a person.

Date: through July 28 (Tuesdays-Fridays), 10am-5pm
Tel: 021-6587 6382
Venue: Duolun Museum of Modern Art
Address: 27 Duolun Rd