Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Committee and Mayor of Shanghai

Han Zheng

mayor photo

The development of Shanghai depends on you all.If you have some suggestions and advices on the construction and development of Shanghai, please write to me.

Shanghai mayor seeks ideas from business leaders on development

The 23rd International Business Leaders’ Advisory Council for the Mayor of Shanghai was held on October 30 at the Expo Center in Pudong.

Mayor Han Zheng delivered a speech on accelerating the formation of Shanghai’s market system, -- the theme of this year’s conference. Jacob Wallenberg, chairman of the board of Investor AB, chaired the meeting. Municipal officials, Feng Guoqin, Yang Xiong, Tu Guangshao, Zhang Xuebing, Ai Baojun, Shen Jun, Jiang Ping and Jiang Liang attended the meeting.

Han said in his key-note speech that Shanghai’s development goal is to become an international center of economy, finance, trade and shipping. Shanghai will make continued efforts to perfect its market system and improve its infrastructure as the city develops into a global hub for distribution of resources.

Han said Shanghai’s various markets are expanding in scale and influence. The municipality has changed from a city of traditional industries and commerce into a modern, international metropolis.

Shanghai should accelerate the formation of a market system for global distribution of resources, he said.

The mayor listed five priorities: 1) speed up market development; 2) stimulate market innovation; 3) improve market environment; 4) perfect market administration; 5) improve market infrastructure.

Han said the municipal government will adopt good suggestions made at the council meeting to carry out its plan to build an advanced market system in Shanghai.