Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Committee and Mayor of Shanghai

Han Zheng

mayor photo

The development of Shanghai depends on you all.If you have some suggestions and advices on the construction and development of Shanghai, please write to me.

Terms of Service for Mayor's Mailbox

1.Function: Mayor’s Mailbox is the platform for the collection of opinions for the Municipal Government and a place for city residents to offer suggestions for city affairs. Comments, complaints and suggestions are welcomed. Those who want to make comments, complaints or give suggestions should open an account first. During registration, you should provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by this Mail System. You can login to send your comments, complaints and suggestions through this mail system to Mayor’s Mailbox after registration.
2.Workflow: Employees of Mayor’s Mailbox will check for new mail. Mail will be recorded and answered. Mail of interest will be submitted to the city leaders and will transferred to the appropriated city agencies after the leaders’ reviews and comments. Other mail will be transferred directly to the related city agencies or organizations.
3.Notice: This mail system is governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China. To prevent viruses or hacking, all mail should be sent by text only and no attachments are allowed.
4.Terms of Privacy: Thank you for contributing to the Municipal Government. We will guarantee the security of your personal information.
5.Term of Modification: We have the right to modify the Terms of Service without notice.