Ai Baojun
Vice Mayor Ai Baojun
My division of labor

Ai is in charge of industry, commerce, state-owned assets management, power generation, production safety and social service.

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Ai Baojun, male, was born in February 1960. Ai, an ethnic Han, is a native of Liaoyang City in northeast China's Liaoning Province. He obtained a postgraduate degree in enterprise management from Northeastern University and was a senior accountant. He is now a vice mayor of Shanghai.

Ai started working in August 1983. He served as a faculty member in the administration department of Northeast University of Technology which later changed its name to Northeastern University in March 1993. Ai was director general of the finance and economics division and vice chief accountant of the university until September 1994. He then joined Baoshan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation and served as deputy director of the company's finance and accounting division, deputy director of the finance and planning department, general manager assistant and vice general manager. Since November 1998 when the Shanghai Baosteel (Group) Corp was established, Ai has held several senior posts at Baosteel including board director, vice general manager, chief accountant and at the same time member of the company's Party committee, and chairman of the Baoshan Iron and Steel Co Ltd, the listed unit of Baosteel Group Corp. Ai was appointed a vice mayor of Shanghai in December 2007.