Shen Jun
Vice Mayor Shen Jun
My division of labor

Shen is in charge of urban construction and management (including property and land resources, water, transport, sanitation and greenery), urban planning, environmental protection, civil defense (including fire, typhoon, flood and earthquake prevention) and transport safety.

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Shen Jun, male, was born in June 1954. An ethnic Han, Shen is a native of Dinghai City in Zhejiang Province. He gained a master’s degree in engineering. He is now vice mayor of Shanghai.

Shen began work in October 1971. He served successively as Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of Urban Construction and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Luwan District, Youth League Secretary of Luwan District, vice head of the Organization Department of the CPC Committee of Luwan District, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and chief of Luwan Bureau of Construction, director of Housing Office and Government Office of Luwan District, assistant to the governor of Luwan District, vice governor of Luwan District, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of Xuhui District, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of Xuhui District, vice governor, acting governor and governor of Xuhui District, vice secretary-general of the Shanghai municipal government, Party Secretary and vice director for the city’s deep-water port project, vice director of the administrative committee of Shanghai Linggang City. He was elected as vice mayor of Shanghai at the first session of the 13th Shanghai People's Congress in January 2008.