Shen Xiaoming
Vice Mayor Shen Xiaoming
My division of labor

Shen is in charge of science and technology, education, health, culture, TV, radio, press and publication. He is also responsible for contacting the Publicity Department of the Shanghai Committee of the Communist Party of China and social groups of workers, youth and women.

My Colleagus

Shen Xiaoming, male, was born in April 1963. Shen, an ethnic Han, is a native of Shangyu, Zhejiang Province. He possesses a PhD in medicine and is a researcher. He now serves as a vice mayor of Shanghai.

Since July 1987, Shen has served as vice president, executive vice president and president of the Shanghai Children's Medical Center, vice president, executive vice president and president of Xinhua Hospital, president of Shanghai Second Medical University, executive deputy president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and head of the university's medical institute, vice party secretary of the city's science and education administration, director and Party secretary of the Shanghai Education Commission. He was elected as vice mayor of Shanghai in January 2008.