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Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce

Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce is established as one of the departments of the municipal government in accordance with the “Notice of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing ‘Plan on Reform of Organs of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government’” (Ting Zi [2008] No. 17).

Main Functions
1. to implement laws, rules, regulations, guidelines and policies regarding domestic and international trade as well as international economic cooperation; to cooperate with relevant departments in studying, drafting and organizing to implement local rules, regulations and policies regarding the municipality’s economy, trade, and business investment absorption;

2. to formulate and organize to implement development strategies and implementary plans for domestic and international trade and international economic cooperation within the municipality in accordance with the municipality’s overall plan for national economy and social development;
3. to take charge of promoting circulation industry restructuring and guiding the reform of circulation enterprises and the development of community business; to take charge of industrial management over commerce and trade service industry and putting forward policy proposals on promoting the development of small and medium-sized business enterprises; to promote circulation standardization as well as the development of modern circulation modes such as chain operation and commercial franchise; to take charge of formulating policies, measures, standards and rules for E-Commerce development, doing a good job in promotion and administration, and promoting the development of modern logistics industry;

4. to guide and coordinate to plan the municipality’s bulk products wholesale markets, coordinate the layout of business networks in urban and rural areas, promote rural market system establishment, and organize to implement the network engineering for modern circulation in rural area;

5. to take the lead in formulating policies and measures on rectifying and regulating the municipality’s market economy order, organize the supervision over commodity markets, regulate circulation order and fulfill the responsibilities of administrative law enforcement in respect of commerce and trade; to organize, coordinate and launch campaigns against infringements of intellectual property right and business frauds; to take charge of operating and managing the municipality’s commerce and trade, monitor and analyze the municipality’s macroscopic commerce and trade operation, and cope with and coordinate emergencies and major issues arising from commerce and trade circulation;

6. to undertake the responsibilities of organizing to control the municipality’s major consumer markets and manage the circulation of major production materials; to take charge of establishing and improving the emergency mechanism for market supply of daily necessities and take charge of reserve and management of major commodities and market control according to division of work; take charge of circulation management over essential commodities such as agricultural products for human consumption and meat products as well as the work related to pig slaughtering in accordance with relevant laws, rules and regulations, cultivation and development  of aquatic product markets and sales management of alcohol;

7. to take charge of promotion of the development of the municipality’s commerce and trade service industry by formulating development strategies, plans and policies, and organizing to draft and implement rules, standards and normative documents; to organize, guide and promote operation innovation of commerce and trade service industry though publishing development guide and cooperating with the municipality’s relevant departments in guiding the domestic cooperation and exchange for the municipality’s business circulation enterprises;

8. to promote the transformation of trade growth pattern and guide and coordinate the establishment of the municipality’s trade promotion system; to guide the municipality’s imports and exports restructuring through promoting export of technology, software and products with proprietary intellectual property rights; to take charge of promoting enterprises to explore a diversified international market and promoting the municipality’s excellent brands to domestic and international markets; to take charge of planning and managing import of staple industrial goods, and manage part of import and export permits and quota of export commodities except for quota of grain, cotton and coal; to study, establish and organize to implement a statistics system for foreign economic relations and trade, to take charge of monitoring and analyzing the statistics and operation of foreign economic relations and trade and putting forward policy proposals;

9. to coordinate and guide the municipality’s service trade; to cooperate with relevant departments in formulating and organizing to implement plans and policies on service trade so as to promote the establishment of a service outsourcing platform; to guide exhibitions within the municipality and abroad;

10. to organize to formulate local comprehensive solutions to China’s access to WTO and cooperate with relevant departments in implementing them; to establish a regional early alert mechanism for fair import and export trade, guide and coordinate export anti-dumping and anti-subsidy within the municipality, participate in investigation of industry injury, organize to implement anti-trust laws and rules, and participate in investigating and handling major cases of foreign trade disputes; to take charge of the municipality’s intellectual property right related to foreign trade;

11. to macroscopically guide the municipality’s foreign investment and organize to formulate measures for a better investment environment; to guide and coordinate the municipality’s foreign investment promotion and examination and approval of foreign-funded enterprises and guide introduction of foreign investment into the municipality’s development zones and work related to state-level economic and technological development zones; to take charge of verifying and reporting the municipality’s foreign-funded enterprises’ establishment, contract alteration and articles change within the jurisdiction; to provide policy consultation and other coordinated services for foreign-funded enterprises;

12. to take charge of and implement the municipality’s foreign economic cooperation, verify and promote according to law the business starting abroad of the municipality’s enterprises (exclusive of financial enterprises), guide and promote overseas project contracting, overseas labor service cooperation and overseas employment, and take lead in the municipality’s overseas labor service and rights and interests protection for the personnel working abroad; to take charge of the municipality’s foreign aid; to undertake and participate in multilateral or bilateral economic and trade negotiations to deal with international or regional economic and trade relations in line with the state’s overall strategic and planning structure of foreign economic cooperation;

13. to guide the municipality’s enterprises and public institutions to implement foreign trade policies; to take charge of examining and approving the system’s and the commission’s staff’s outbound tours on public duty, handling procedures for inviting foreign businesses to Shanghai, examining, approving and administrating foreign non-enterprise economic organizations’ representative offices in Shanghai; to arrange major international economic and trade activities and other summits;

14. to take lead in formulating and implementing the municipality’s economic and trade policies toward Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong), Macao Special Administrative Region (Macao) and Taiwan, take charge of examining, approving and administrating Hong Kong’s, Macao’s and Taiwan’s non-enterprise economic organizations’ representative offices in Shanghai, take charge of attracting investors from and economic and trade cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and deal with Taiwan-related economic and trade affairs of the municipality;

15. to guide the work of the municipality’s social trade intermediaries, foreign-funded intermediaries and social organizations of commerce and trade industry; to guide and coordinate the cultivation of business talents with the municipality;

16. to take charge of the acceptance and hearing of relevant administrative reviews and responses to administrative proceedings;

17. to undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal government.