What are the regulations for children whose parents work in Shanghai and who have a Residence Permit of the Shanghai Municipality?

According to the "Circular of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission on Education for Children of Parents who live and work in Shanghai as Talented Personnel" (H.J.W.J. 2002, No. 60), children whose parents have a Residence Permit of the Shanghai Municipality valid for more than one year can apply to study in a primary or middle school in Shanghai. Such children receive the same treatment as students with a local Hukou (Permanent Residence Permit) for compulsory education. Junior middle school graduates can enroll in senior middle schools in Shanghai. Children whose parents' residence permit is valid for less than one year will not be able to receive the same treatment. (For details, please visit www.shmec.gov.cn).

According to the "Provisional Regulations of the Shanghai Municipality on Residence Permits" (Circular No.32 of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government 2004, August 30), holders of a Residence Permit of the Shanghai Municipality can apply for the compulsory education of their children during the validity of their permits. The district/county level education departments will make any proper arrangements for the enrollment. The children of parents who hold a Residence Permit, according to the "Provisional Regulations on the Adoption of Residence Permit of the Shanghai Municipality for the Attraction of Talented Personnel", will receive the same treatment when they study in Shanghai during the validity of the permit.