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What is the policy for overseas students coming back to China?

In circulated periodical documents such as:

(1) "Several suggestions on encouraging overseas students to serve the country in various ways" ("Personnel" 2001, No. 49) issued by the Ministries of Personnel, Education, Science and Technology, Public Security, and Finance;

(2) "Several suggestions on encouraging overseas high-level student talent to return to work in China"("Personnel" 2000, No. 63) issued by the Ministry of Personnel;

(3) "Several regulations on introducing high-level overseas scholars to Shanghai" (Shanghai Gov. 1997, No. 14); and

(4) "The scientific research starting foundation for returned Overseas Chinese scholars";

the government provides information on: fund support, payment, family placement, children entering kindergarten and school, re-entry or exit abroad and the establishment of a scientific research starting foundation for returned overseas scholars to serve the country.