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What is the enrollment policy for private schools, regarding compulsory education?

According to the related regulations of "Implementing Regulations on Promoting Private Education", the enrollment for and the location of private schools for compulsory education should be decided by the corresponding district/county administrative department of education.

It carefully evaluates the private school in terms of: the condition of the building(s), the education/teaching facilities and equipment, the infrastructure and the logistics. Private schools should make preparations for accepting new students within the enrollment plan and area as approved by the district/county administrative department of education. For private schools with citywide enrollment, the school must have student dormitories that reach the national standards and corresponding boarding conditions.

Each district/county administrative department of education should take practical and effective measures to strengthen the management and social supervision of the enrollment of private primary school and junior middle school students in its district/county, thus ensuring the implementation of the legal regulations of: "in the enrollment of private primary school and junior middle school in the compulsory education phase, no selective examination or test related to the student’s enrollment is allowed to be held or held in a disguised form" as stated in the "Regulations on the protection of minors in Shanghai". When enrolling at a private primary school, it is forbidden to ask the registered students to offer kindergarten academic records, or provide the achievements (certificates) of subject examinations (tests) or contests obtained by attending publically-run classes.

It is compulsory for the private school to run under the commission of the government, they should enroll children of appropriate age in the area by "open nearby admission", the students enrolled should be charged at an equal rate with the government-sponsored schools, and the government is responsible for distributing the student average fund. All students should receive equal treatment within the school.