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Who does not have to pay extra fees for the compulsory education of their child?

I. Parents who have a "Shanghai Residence Certificate for Talented Personnel" which is valid for more than one year. They are required to submit the application for their children to their related district/county administrative department of education, and then go through enrollment or the transfer formalities according to the "Regulations for Shanghai primary and middle school student status management". After approval, their children enjoy the same treatment as students from parents with permanent residence, at no extra cost.

II. Children of farmers in the city of Shanghai who meet the following requirements can get the‘no extra fee’treatment in receiving compulsory education:

(1) 'farmers in the city of Shanghai' refers to people who work in the agriculture industry, and who had to leave their original residence in order to work or do business in Shanghai;

(2) those with a permanent place of living in Shanghai, and with a period of one year of continuous living at this place;

(3) those who work in Shanghai for more than one year, and who have joined the Shanghai Comprehensive Insurance for External Personnel;

(4) the age of the child is no older than 16 years, with no legal custodian in the residential place;

(5) the applicant should conform with the family planning policy, and a birth outside the plan should result in the payment of social support expenditure.

III. For Overseas Chinese whose children enter a school implementing compulsory education in Shanghai, the district/county educational department should handle the enrollment formalities according to the rules. They should enjoy equal treatment as a student with Shanghai Permanent Residence at appropriate an age, at no extra cost.