Which kinds of people are not suitable for taking sleeping pills?

1 Pregnant women are prohibited from taking sleeping pills

Some sleeping pills may lead to fetal abnormality, and may result in dystithia, jaundice or lethargy of the infant.

2 Lactating women

If a lactating woman takes sleeping pills, the ingredients of the sleeping pills transfer to the breast milk and these can negatively affect infants. If a woman takes sleeping pills during the lactation period, she should avoid breast-feeding whilst taking the sleeping pills.

3. Senile or weak people

If the drug remains in the body during the daytime, the patient could become dizzy and unsteady in their walking ability, and this is dangerous for senile or weak people.

4. Patients with heart, liver or kidney dysfunctions

Sleeping pills are converted mainly by the liver and excreted by the kidneys. Therefore, patients with liver or kidney diseases are not suitable for taking sleeping pills.

5. Patients with a sleep-respiratory disturbance

Sleeping pills may accelerate central inhibition, so patients with airway obstruction diseases or sleep-apnea syndrome are not suitable for taking sleeping pills.

6. Patients with acute angle-closure glaucoma or myasthenia gravis

Their disease will deteriorate seriously after taking sleeping pills.

7. After drinking alcohol

As with sleeping pills, alcohol can also inhibit the central nervous system. Therefore, people should avoid taking sleeping pills at the same time as drinking alcohol, so as not to produce excessive inhibition of the central nervous system.