How can babies be prevented from catching epidemic meningitis (brain fever)?

In the high risk period of the disease, one should avoid taking a baby to crowded, badly ventilated public places.

Environmental sanitation should be well-kept in rooms, and ventilation should be well-maintained. Babies should participate in outdoor activities in fine weather so as to adapt to the cold air and promote their disease resistance.

Babies should be vaccinated against epidemic meningitis. The vaccine of epidemic meningitis is one of the planned vaccines in China. The vaccination period begins during the middle ten days of November every year, and lasts for 2-3 weeks. A mother can take her baby to the local health service center to have the baby vaccinated. The vaccine of epidemic meningitis belongs to the "dead vaccine" category, and effective immunity does not develop until one month later. Because the antibody titer is maintained for only one year, a booster should be performed at the same time the following year.