How can epidemic meningitis be prevented (brain fever)?

Although the occurrence of epidemic meningitis is violent and its onset is sharp, it can be completely prevented only if we understand its rules and adopt comprehensive measures.

In order to prevent the disease:

1. Dry clothing and bed clothes in the sun regularly

Diplococcus meningitidis has the weakness of thermolability and anaerobic ability, so dry clothing and bed clothes in the sun regularly and frequently open the windows to ventilate the rooms. The bacteria cannot live if the room air is fresh and the sunshine is plentiful. Meanwhile, in the high-risk season, one can fumigate rooms with vinegar or argy wormwood leaf to kill the germs.

2. Protect the susceptible population and elevate immunity

Studies show that children between the age of 6 months and 15 years are susceptible to epidemic meningitis. Thus, they must receive the vaccination of epidemic meningitis in a timely manner; usually the immunity is maintained for over 1 year.

3. Find and isolate patients early enough and treat the disease in its first stages

In high-risk seasons, patients with unknown fevers, debility and a sore-throat must receive particular notice. If a patient suffers from a high fever, severe headache or vomiting, they must be taken to hospital to be checked, and patients diagnosed as epidemic meningitis sufferers should be isolated and treated. The contaminated surroundings and articles should be sterilized strictly to prevent a diffusion of the germs.

4. Develop a scientific life-style

Work, live and sleep on time, and guarantee yourself sleep. Do some proper physical exercises to enhance the body constitution and promote disease resistance.

5. Do not go to public places

In early spring, try not to visit friends and try not to go to public places. Moreover, change clothes when the weather changes in order to prevent suffering from the cold.

On the whole, the key points of the prevention and therapy of epidemic meningitis are to prevent it early, find it early, treat it early and isolate it early.