How can consumers correctly purchase safe and sanitary food?

1. The consumer should purchase food from stores with a Shanghai Food Hygiene License such as a supermarket, food store, super-mart, food agricultural product market, etc., and should not select and buy food from a food street peddler who does not have a license.

2. When buying packaged food, consumers should pay attention to the labeling on the external package or the product instructions and see whether there is content labeling such as: product name, place of origin, factory name, date of production, batch number or code, specifications, ingredients or main elements, preservation period, method of eating or using, etc.

3. When buying bulk-packed food, the consumer should see whether the food name, ingredient list, manufacturer and address, date of production, preservation period, preservation conditions, eating method, etc. are marked.

4. When buying meat products, look for a quarantine approval license and do not buy meat products that do not show a quarantine approval license.

5. Only purchase non-fixed-shape packaged cooked food in the selling points of cooked food with the Shanghai Cooked Food Delivery Sheet. Also, only buy non-fermented bean products from bean product selling points with the "Shanghai Cooked Food Delivery Sheet"

6. When buying functional food, besides paying attention to the product label or the product instructions, the consumer should also ask for the Functional Food Approval Certificate of the product, then check whether the approved content in the certificate is identical with that of the product label or the product instructions.