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How can the inspection upon the completion of tidal shoal area projects be approved?

Shanghai is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, where it runs into the East China Sea. Seawalls or dam projects to enclose tidal shoal areas are the first barriers for protecting people’s lives and State property. Because of typhoons, hurricanes and tides, the State has adopted very high and strict quality measures and standards of projects to enclose tidal shoal areas. Therefore, an inspection upon completion of a tidal shoal area project must be approved. Compensation measures shall be taken for projects that fail to meet the required standards. The following materials shall be submitted for the completion inspection:

(1) Complete construction design and contracts;

(2) complete technical archives and construction administration documents;

(3) testing reports of major construction materials, facilities and equipment;

(4) quality approval documents issued by the prospecting, design, construction and supervision enterprises; and

(5) project guarantee documents with the signature from the construction company.