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What is the application procedure for construction within the protected and controlled areas of water intake pipelines?

Water intake pipelines are the lifelines of Shanghai’s urban development and economic progress, and for Shanghai residents. According to the Regulations of the Shanghai Municipality on Water Supply Administration and the Measures of the Shanghai Municipality on the Protection of Water Intake Pipelines, the water intake pipeline Protected Area refers to a ten meter area along concrete pipelines and an eight meter area along steel pipelines. The Controlled Area refers to the forty-meter area along the Protected Area.

The construction of roads, pipelines and other underground infrastructures within the Protected Area of the water intake pipeline, or within the Protected Area that runs parallel to or crosses water intake pipelines, shall be reported to the Shanghai Municipal Water Administration Department. Only with the approval from the department and after the adoption of measures to protect and reinforce the water supply pipelines can the construction company proceed with the construction. Deep underground construction within Controlled Areas of water intake pipelines shall be reported to the Shanghai Municipal Water Supply Administration Department before applying for a construction license.