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What are the rights and the obligations of water suppliers and users?

According to the Regulations of the Shanghai Municipality on Water Supply and other relevant laws and regulations the rights of water supply enterprises include:

(1) Charging water usage fees according to the water meter;

(2) insist on compensation for the changing, relocating or dismantling or damaging of water supply facilities;

(3) insist on compensation for water theft;

(4)charge users with approved fire fighting facilities a certain amount of water supply fee.

The obligations of water supply enterprises include:

(1)To construct water supply projects according to the water supply planning;

(2) acquire a water supply qualification;

(3) adopt an employer qualification system;

(4) ensure State standards for water quality and water pressure;

(5) sterilize, fix and wash water supply equipment according to the regulations to ensure their proper and safe operation;

(6) ensure non-stop water supply. Without an approval the stop of water supply is prohibited;

(7) fix water supply facilities within a certain amount of time;

(8) give water users notice of any interruption of the water supply or fall of water pressure because of force majeure or maintenance;

(9) ensure a 24-hour water supply;

(10)adopt emergent water supply measures;

(11) install and read water meters according to the relevant regulations;

(12) sign water supply contracts with water users, and

(13) submit water supply statistic reports to the water supply administration departments.

The rights of water users include:

(1) Receiving water quality and water pressure that meets the State standards, and

(2) the guaranteed fixing of water supply facilities within a certain amount of time.

The obligations of water users include:

(1) To pay water bills on time;

(2) to sign water supply agreements with water supply enterprises. Enterprise users shall sign a trustee agreement on the planned use of water with a water conservation authority;

(3) do not damage or destroy water intake pipelines and other water supply facilities within Protected and Controlled Areas;

(4) do not change, relocate or dismantle water supply facilities;

(5) do protect water supply facilities;

(6) do not steal water;

(7) do not supply water to others without official approval;

(8) do not disturb or interrupt the fixing of water supply facilities;

(9) do not connect production water pipelines that produce or use poisonous substances with the public water supply network, and

(10) do not connect self-constructed water pipeline networks with public ones without approval.