What is the Home-living Service for Aged People?

The Home-living Service for Aged People is a type of social service provided to aged people who live at home, and provided by the social aged-people’s service system in the community. The "Home-living" of aged people means a situation whereby aged people live at home, as per Chinese tradition, instead of in an aged people’s home.

In the home-living situation of aged people, the aged people are the principal party, the family is the supporter/carer, and the relatives are the responsible party. Living in a familiar family environment, supported by family members and enjoying family life, is the most popular way chosen by aged people in China. With the downsizing of family numbers and an increase in families with children living away, it is recommended that community Home-living Service for Aged People organizations and daytime nursing organizations provide attendance, medical care and entertainment services to aged people who live at home, to improve the living quality and reduce the pressure of support upon relatives.

Presently, the content of the Home-living Service for Aged People includes the attendance to and medical treatment of aged people, and will expand to include psychological treatment. Currently, the service is fulfilled mainly by door-to-door visits and through personalized cases, and community daytime service organizations are being set up to provide comprehensive services.