Which certificates and documents are needed for a foreigner (also applicable to Chinese with foreign nationality) to adopt an orphan who is supported by a social orphanage and whose natural parents are not known?

The adopting party shall submit the following certificates and documents:

When a foreigner plans to adopt a child in China, he/she shall submit the following documents that are issued by the government or the adoption organization entrusted by the government of his/her country and certified by the diplomatic authority or the organization authorized by the diplomatic authority, and certified by the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country where the adopting party lives, and to be transferred to the Chinese adoption center:

(1) Application for the adoption of a foreign child;

(2) birth certificate;

(3) certification of marital status;

(4) certification of occupation, income and financial status;

(5) certification of health condition;

(6) certification of criminal record;

(7) certification of the approved adoption of a foreign child by the authority of the country where the adopting party lives, and

(8) a report on family condition.