Which certificates and documents are needed for an Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong citizen, Macao citizen, Taiwan citizen or Shanghai citizen to adopt an orphan who is supported by a social orphanage and whose natural parents are not known?

The adopting party shall submit the following certificates and documents:

(1) The adoption application, stating the reason and purpose of adoption and the promise to support the adoptee in a healthy way, without abandonment and maltreatment;

(2) the passport and certificate of overseas residence for Overseas Chinese; the ID card and Hong Kong citizen Inland Passport or Home-Visiting Certificate for Hong Kong Compatriots for Hong Kong citizens; the ID card and Macao citizen Inland Passport or Home-Visiting Certificate for Macao Compatriots for Macao citizens; the ID card and a valid travel certificate issued or endorsed by the authority of the People’s Republic of China for Taiwan citizens; the ID card and registered household booklet for Shanghai citizens;

(3) evidential documents stating the adopting party’s: age, marital status, number of children, occupation, financial status, health condition and criminal record, etc; these documents should be issued by the authoritative organization or the organization entrusted by the government authority of the country in which the adopting party lives and certified by the diplomatic authority or the organization authorized by the diplomatic authority and by the Chinese embassy (or consulate) in the country where the adopting party lives for Overseas Chinese, or be certificated by the notary for Hong Kong citizens, or issued by the authoritative organization for Macao citizens, or notarized by the notarial organization for Taiwan citizens; a marriage certificate (divorce certificate), a certificate of their workplace organization and a health certificate for Shanghai citizens;

(4) a desire statement, to be prepared and submitted by the adopted child who is at least fully 10 years old to express the desire of adoption, and

(5) two x 2-inch group photographs of the adopting party and the adoptee, either in color or black-and-white.