What are the certificates and documents needed for a Shanghai citizen to adopt an orphan who is supported at a non-social welfare organization and whose natural parents are not known?

When a Shanghai citizen plans to adopt an orphan, he/she shall register the adoption at the district/county Civil Affairs Bureau in charge of the place where the child was abandoned or picked up. The adopting party shall submit the following certificates and documents:

(1) Their registered household booklet, ID card, marriage certificate of the couple (or divorce certificate for divorce persons);

(2) the adoption application and the certifications issued by the workplace organizations of the couple;

(3) certification of the health condition of the couple issued by a district/county hospital ranked above Level 1;

(4) certification of the orphan issued by the local police station where the child was abandoned or picked up;

(5) the notice of seeking for the parents of the orphan, published in the Shanghai Family Newspaper;

(6) the certification of no-child or the approved birth of second child issued by the district/county birth control authority;

(7) guarantee papers signed between the adopting party who has the capacity to bear children and the Birth Control Commission, and

(8) the notarial deed of the orphan issued by the notarial office as collateral evidence.