What are the conditions for a Shanghai citizen to adopt an orphan who is supported at a non-social welfare organization and whose natural parents are not known?

The conditions for Shanghai citizens are as follows:

(1) Either of the couple is at least 30 years old;

(2) the adopting party has no child;

(3) the adopting party shall have the ability to support and educate the adoptee;

(4) the adopting party shall not have any diseases that are considered medically unsuitable when adopting children;

(5) the couple shall have an unanimous idea of adoption;

(6) in the case of the adopting party being a single man, if he plans to adopt a female orphan, the age gap between he and the adoptee must be at least 40 years, and

(7) the adoptee must be an orphan who is younger than 14 years of age, and found or picked up at a local area and whose natural parents are not known.