What formalities are necessary for adoption?

According to the applied provisions in the Adoption Law of the People’s Republic of China, any and all adoptions shall be registered in the competent administration of civil affairs of the people’s government above the county level, and shall be effective upon such registration.

A written adoption agreement may be entered into by and between both parties to such an adoption relationship. A public notarization for such an adoption shall be obtained in the case of either party or both parties requesting to do so. The adoption of an abandoned infant or child whose parents cannot be ascertained or found, or an orphan in the care of a social welfare institution, shall be subject to a public notice prior to such adoption by a competent administration of civil affairs where such an adoption is registered. Once the adoption relationship is duly established, the competent public security authority shall process the household (Hukou) registration for the adopted child, subject to the applied laws and regulations.