What are the procedures for the registration of non-governmental non-enterprise organizations at the registration authority?

As stipulated in the Interim Regulations on the Registration Management of Non-governmental Non-enterprise Organizations and the Interim Methods of the Registration of Non-governmental Non-enterprise Organizations, the registration procedure at the related authority shall include the application acceptance, examination, approval/disapproval, licensing and proclamation.

1. Acceptance

The registration authority shall accept the application if the documents, certificates and completed application form submitted are fully comprehensive and valid.

2. Examination

The registration authority shall check the trueness, legality and validity of the submitted documents, certificates and application form and compare them with the conditions of the registration.

3. Approval/disapproval

After checking and examination, the registration authority shall make the decision whether to approve the registration application and notify the applicant (either organization or individual) of the result.

4. Licensing

The authority shall issue the relevant licenses to the approved non-governmental non-enterprise organization. The organization shall sign for the obtainment of the licenses.

5. Proclamation

The registration authority shall give out the proclamation of the registration.