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What are the best places to enjoy a view of the sea, and how should one get there?

Sanjia Port, Luchao Port and Jinshan Port are all favorable places to enjoy a sea view.

Transportation to Sanjia Port:

(1) Tour Bus No.3 (No.4 Gate, Shanghai Stadium at the crossroad of East Yan’an Road and Chongqing Road - Pudong Avenue - Chuan Sha Coach Station - Sanjia Port). After getting off the bus you have to walk a long distance before you can see the sea;

(2) Cailu Line bus (Dongchang Road Ferry - Oriental Pearl - Pudong Avenue - Sanjia Port). You also need to walk a long distance after getting off the bus, or

(3) Take the bus from the Distribution Center (inside Shanghai Stadium) to Chuan Sha Coach Station, then transfer to the bus to Sanjia Port. The walking distance is shorter but you need to consult local people for the specific bus to take.

Transportation to Luchao Port:

(1) Start from People’s Square and take the Nanmin Line bus to Nanhui Zhongmen Coach Station, then transfer to the bus to Luchao Port;

(2) at Longyang Road Metro Station, transfer to Bus No.631 to Luchao Port, or

(3) at Longyang Road Metro Station, transfer to the Longping Line, Longni Line, Longlu Line bus and get off at Luchao Port.

As there is a certain distance to the sea-viewing spot, you might spend approximately RMB 5.00 and go there by automobile.

Transportation to Jinshan Port:

Take the Shimei Line, Lianshi Line, Weimei Line bus at People’s Square to the terminal stop; then you can see the sea after 10 minute’s walk.