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What legal rights are employees entitled to?

Any and all employees shall be entitled the legal rights of: equal employment; selection of their own profession; being paid for their labor; rest and vacation times; labor safety, hygiene and protection; accepting vocational/skills training; benefitting from social security and welfare; submission of labor disputes due to a job disposal; other rights as prescribed by the applied laws and regulations. Including but not limited to, the right to organize and join labor unions in accordance with the law, the right to participate in democratic management or negotiate the protection of the lawful rights and interests of employees with the workplace organizations equally, the right to revoke labor contracts according to the law, the right to reject the directional or operational risks made by the executive personnel of the workplace organization who break rules or regulations, the right to criticize, report and/or charge any and all acts endangering a human’s life and/or physical health, and the right to report and/or indict any and all acts violating labor-related laws and regulations.