What are the recognized industrial injuries?

With reference to Article 14 of the Regulations on Industrial Injury Insurance and Article 14 of the Measures of the Implementation of Industrial Injury Insurance in Shanghai, injuries caused by the following reasons are to be recognized as industrial injuries:

(1) An injury caused by an accident during working time, at a work site and whilst carrying out assigned work;

(2) an injury caused in an accident during the preparative work concerned with the duty of the employee before or after the working time and at the work site;

(3) an accidental injury by violence due to the execution of duty during the working time and at the work site;

(4) occupational disease;

(5) an injury concerned with the implementation of work or through an employee’s disappearance when the employee works outside the work site;

(6) an injury sustained via automotive vehicles during the journey between home and the work site, and

(7) other injuries to be identified as an industrial injury as stipulated by the law and administrative regulations.