What does the Industrial Injury Insurance System cover?

The Shanghai Industrial Injury Insurance System covers: enterprises, government institutes, government administrative offices, social associations, private non-enterprise organizations, self-employed persons who employ employee(s) and his/her employee(s) in the administrative regions of Shanghai.

As stipulated in the "Measures", non-full time employees, employees with an insurance account retained through agreement, and non-regular employees are covered in the industrial injury insurance system, with different stipulations in accordance with the different types of such employees:

1. An employer hiring non-full time employees must pay the funds for the payable industrial injury insurance premium to such non-full time employees as a part of their salary, and the employees should pay the insurance premium by themselves as stipulated.

2. In the case of the employer employing a person with his/her insurance account retained through agreement and registered in an unemployment assistance authority, such an employee can be covered for his/her industrial injury as stipulated.

3. After a non-regular employer pays the premium as stipulated, an employee who suffers from an industrial injury can benefit from the relevant rights as stipulated.