What responsibilities should the government administrative offices bear, regarding the acceptance of applications for labor capability appraisals?

1. After accepting the application for an appraisal, the district/county Labor Capability Appraisal Committee or municipal Labor Capability Appraisal Center should arrange the applicant to be appraised to take a medical examination at an appointed medical institute, except in conditions as otherwise stipulated, as well as verifying the identification of the party to be appraised.

2. The appointed medical institute should arrange experienced doctors with the minimum title above "attending doctor" to perform the examination(s). The doctor should record the main diagnosis of the person to be appraised in the Appraisal Form, which should be signed by the examining doctor and stamped with the official seal of the Clinical Office or Medical Affairs Office.

3. Municipal and district/county Labor Capability Appraisal Committees and municipal Labor Capability Appraisal Centers should employ at least 10 medical experts to form a technical team for a capability appraisal. The technical team for a labor capability appraisal will discuss the appraisal standards, and based on the examination results, original medical history and relevant data and the interview with the person to be appraised, thereby present their technical appraisal judgment.

District/county Labor Capability Appraisal Committees and the municipal Labor Capability Appraisal Center will review the judgment of a technical team for appraisal and draw the conclusions of the appraisal, issuing the Appraisal Conclusion and notifying the applicant of the conclusion.

4. The appraisal conclusion should be made within 90 days from the date of the acceptance of the appraisal application.