What is the difference between A, B and C level private training institutions, as defined by the labor authorities?

To regulate private vocational training institutions, the labor authorities in Shanghai began evaluations of such private institutions, starting at the end of the 1990s, with the view to evaluate the capability of various private training institutions. This is of great significance in promoting regulated training, improving training quality and avoiding unregulated training. At the same time, on-line annual checking has been adopted to further improve the private training market.

All these efforts have contributed to enhancing the capability and level of private vocational training institutions and these institutions will be able to receive an A, B or C level qualification after their evaluation. "A level institutions have a certain scale, have sound credit and feature good software and hardware facilities. There are a total of eighteen (18) "A level" private vocational training institutions. Students can obtain relevant information from district or county level employment centers.