Principles of renewal procedure of CPCS standards

    Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA) is in charge of validating Compulsory Product Certification (hereinafter referred to as CPC) standards and relevant technical rules, and arranging the change of CPC rules.
    Principles of renewing CPC standards and validating products with certificate after renewal is following:
    1.the date of enforcing new standard:
    (1) For those standards listed in Implementation Rules of product certification, if changed, they should principally be replaced by testing standards issued by Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China (SAC), CNCA not notifying the renewal of standards and the approval date additionally. In special conditions, CNCA should arrange affairs like standard adoption, certification procedures and transition, etc, with relevant bodies.
    (2) For those standards listed in new catalogues, they should be implemented since the date prescribed in implementation rules.
    2.information about renewal of certification fee:
    After the publication of new national standards, certification bodies should report to CNCA renewal information and advice to adopting new standard, difference between old and new standards, and validation procedures of products certificated.
    3.CNCA should verify and record the materials reported by certification bodies, and implement validation procedures after verify and approval, to ensure basic validating requests of different certification bodies in harmony.
    4.For the product subject to CPCS, it can be tested according to either old standard or the new one from the date of publication to the date of implementation of new standard with the application, and be tested according to new standard after implemented.
    5.Vaditating procedures should be established on the principle of ensuring aims of certification (safety, EMC, etc.), and based on this, modified according to the renewal of standards.
    6.CNCA and SAC should establish communication mechanism to ensure standards implemented effectively.