What's Quality and Technical Supervision?

    Quality and technical supervision is a kind of administrative activity regulating and supervising product quality by technical testing and metric testing according to standards, laws and regulations. It covers all aspects of country economy, social development and country life, including industrial and agricultural production, engineering construction, scientific research, culture and education, medicine and sanitation, environmental protection, nuclear safety, internal and external trade, serving industry, and so on. Quality and technical supervision includes standardization, measurement and quality, which are independent respectively and inter-related.
    Quality and technical supervision is an important part of national administrative supervision system, same as economical supervision and political discipline supervision. After reformation and opening, China has established integrated quality and technical supervision system including administrative management, laws and regulations, technical guarantee and agency services. With the development of socialist market economy, quality and technical supervision system will keep on regulating market, supporting high quality and punishing low quality, inducting customers and servicing corporations to improve product quality, clean market, strengthen technical base and promote compliance with international traditions.