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How can graduates holding Master's Degree awarded by foreign universities obtain their acccounting practitioner qualification?

    According to the "Administrative Measures for the Qualifications of Accounting Practitioners" issued by the Ministry of Finance, "The state adopts an examination system for the obtainment of qualifications of accounting practitioners... The subjects of exam include Financial Laws and Accounting Vocational Ethics; Basics of Accounting; Primary Computer-aided Accounting ... Applicants with academic degrees in accounting disciplines awarded by colleges or vocational schools and have been graduated for two years are exempted from the test of Basics of Accounting and Primary Computer-aided Accounting ... Accounting disciplines include Accounting; Computer-aided Accounting; CPA Specialization; Auditing; Financial Management; Financial Planning ... The academic degrees of citizens of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries are subject to the recognition of the education authority of the People's Republic of China." So, if you have validated academic degrees in the accounting disciplines, you are exempted from Basics of Accounting and Primary Computer-aided Accounting tests, and applicants who fulfill the requirements for total exemption and pass exams on financial laws and accounting ethics may apply to the financial authority in charge for their qualification within the valid period of exemption.