What is the general situation of scientific childhood instruction from 0 –3 in Shanghai?

    As the old saying goes, as the boy is, so is the man. Improving quality of children aged between 0 and 3 equals improving population quality. During the last few years, scientific childhood instruction has been given much emphasis by Shanghai population and family planning sections as an important execution of governments’ duties providing public services. A public service network has been established, experimenting the mechanism featuring government promotion, intersectional coordination, social participation and families’ active response. Shanghai Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission issued a document instructing how to strengthen and improve scientific childhood education services for children between 0 and 3 in communities and established 31 community model sites for formative education, and also formed the Shanghai Workshop of Chinese Early Population Education and Only-child Development Model Center. In Shanghai, a team of over 200 professional instructors was also formed as well as a team of experts with different specialized backgrounds. To further promote relevant knowledge, Shanghai Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission edited and published the leaflet “Guide to Healthy Growth: for kids 0 to 3” and distributed to 90% of the families concerned. In many districts, instruction services of scientific childhood education has been incorporated in governments’ practical projects, so the program is on a health track of planned development, scaled operation and standardized administration.