What is the major approach in Shanghai conducting sex and reproductive health education among adolescents?

    The issue of sex and reproduction health among adolescents has emerged in the last couple of years in Shanghai. This is mainly characterized by the lack of awareness and ability of self protection, increase in premarital sex and more accidental pregnancy. Shanghai population and family planning sections have all given priority to sex and reproduction health education of adolescents as very important tasks of public services. Education and consultation have been provided through community platforms such as one-stop comprehensive service centers and population schools. International collaborative programs have also been launched, emphasizing the government’s initial role and creating an environment with support from society, community and school through wide education. Parents, teachers and peer-students are all included in the network as target people of education and service. Through promoting the idea of health, passion, responsibility and safety, and through promoting the approach of learning and acting, these programs achieve satisfactory results. Relevant knowledge has been incorporated in curriculum and classroom teaching in secondary schools and high schools. Currently, the program has expanded beyond campus, reaching more young people out of school.