What are the approaches of birth care scheme?

     In the last couple of years, population and family planning sections of Shanghai have launched various maternity care activities. First, a special lottery was issued to fund one-child families with economic difficulties and the One-child Family Funds was also established to help with families that are poverty stricken because of death, injury or fatal disease of their children. Second, the Happy Project for Poor Mothers was launched, and through donation and other programs mothers from underprivileged families are given financial help and encouraged to get rid of poverty through self-employment programs. Third, families following family planning policy are given priority when the city government organizes activities of condolences and appreciations to the poor. In addition, family planning insurance scheme including reproduction health and care series was experimented to enhance families’ ability to combat crisis and the unexpected risks. The only-child social behavior program also emerged and international collaborative programs on youth’ health started. A total of 48 programs with characteristics of districts, sub-districts and towns were launched with an overall funding of 14.45 million RMB yuan. 110 thousand people as the target receivers of services have benefited from the various programs and activities including urgent aids, economic grants, volunteers and social workers help.