Why population and family planning cause emphasizes on improving population quality at birth?


    China’s population policy is to control the quantity and improve the quality of population. As a basic state policy, population and family planning cause endeavors not only to control the excessive growth of population but also to improve population quality at birth. Therefore, it is an important government task of functioning public services to enhance the population quality at birth while maintaining a low level of birth rate. In the last few years, Shanghai has witnessed the gradual progress in bettering new-born population quality with infant mortality rate and birth defect rate approaching the international standards. However, each year there is still a certain number of new born children with birth defects, causing suffering to the families and burden to the society. Hence, Shanghai population and family planning work units have proactively conducted the first level intervention over birth defects. Efforts have been made to enhance population quality from the every beginning through educating and promoting scientific knowledge, promoting free premarital check-up, experimenting pre-pregnancy test, as well as launching scientific early childhood education programs in communities for children aged 0 to 3.