What are the convenient measures offered to floating population?


      (1) Distribution of information and education is spread to floating population and peasant-workers through websites, brochures, pamphlets, posters as well as activities and population schools in areas of laws, policies, regulations, measures of reproduction health and convenience and service information to secure the legal information rights of floating population and peasant-workers.

      (2) Provision of safe, effective family planning technical services secures the legal rights of floating population and peasant-workers to have free access to family planning technical services of basic items.

      (3) In floating population and peasant-workers’ gathering places such as communities, businesses, markets and construction sites, spots with obvious signs are established to distribute free contraceptive supplies and education brochures as well as conduct education activities to cater to the needs of floating population and peasant-workers.

      (4) Floating population and peasant-workers are provided with information such as addresses, service items, office hours and contact means of regular technical service organizations and medical and health organizations in their residential areas to offer convenience to married women.

      (5) In communities, businesses and markets of floating population and peasant-workers’ gather places, family planning associations or other organizations are formed, playing an important role in protecting their legal rights.

      (6) Family planning guidance services are offered to floating population and peasant-workers, providing instruction services on 0-3 scientific early childhood education and prevention of AIDS and other sexual diseases.

      (7) The family planning consultation and right protection hot line was launched. Meanwhile, channels have been built for floating population and peasant-workers, including making the right protection telephone line known to the public, establishing mailbox for complaints and appeals.