What measures are taken when verifying the reimbursement of expenses regarding the services for basic family planning?


    1. In order to facilitate the applicants, the district/county Population Committee or town/village government shall notify the applicants of the handling procedures and times. Normally, the reimbursement is completed within 2 weeks from the acceptance date, and should not exceed 30 working days.

    2. The service institutions shall bear any expenditure incurred by their violations of rules related to service coverage, medical routines and charge standards.
    3. The service institutions shall not charge for the actual free-of-charge Intrauterine Device (IUD) provided by the government; and the service institution shall refund those charges to the patient. The service institution may charge the IUD above the government free-of-charge standard and the incurred expense difference shall be at the cost price for the patient.
    4. The family planning operation expenses included in gynecologic surgery shall be reimbursed at the normal rates. The expenses for the diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic disease before a family planning operation are not free of charge.
    5. The expenses incurred by those resulting symptoms of a family planning operation shall be verified and judged based on the Common Rules of Family Planning Technologies, and the service institution(s) shall bear any expenses incurred by these resulting symptoms due to their improper diagnosis and treatment. If the resulting symptoms are serious, it shall be under verification by a family planning expert team at a municipal or a district level. The suspected family planning operation accident shall be forwarded to the Medical Accident Appraisal Committee at the same level for an appraisal, and be handled accordingly to the appraisal output.
    6. If a registered permanent resident of Shanghai receives technical services for family planning during the period that he/she works or stays in other provinces or municipalities, the incurred expenses shall be reimbursed in compliance with the standards of free-of-charge basic matters in Shanghai. If the local charge standard is lower than that of Shanghai, he/she shall get the actual expenses reimbursed; if the local charge standard is higher than that of Shanghai, he/she shall get the part of the expense within the charge standard of Shanghai reimbursed.
    7. The free-of-charge standard in Shanghai does not cover the expenses of local examinations for a contraceptive ring or pregnancy to any married woman at child-bearing age, who stays in Shanghai but has her registered Permanent Residence elsewhere, at the request of the government where her Permanent Residence is registered.
    8. Anyone who is a registered permanent resident elsewhere and has married someone who is a registered permanent resident of Shanghai shall provide the household register of his/her spouse in the case of applying for expense reimbursement.
    9. The reimbursement verification administration may provide a case-acceptance letter to the applicant, and keep duplicate copies of any evidential documents provided.