How about the drainage facilities of Shanghai?

    Answer: Drainage facilities of the city include: Intakes, cellar wells, pipelines, pumping stations, sewage treatment plants and outfalls, etc.

    Intake, also known as rainwater mouth located in drainage pipe network or combined drainage system, is a construction on both sides of the road used to collect rain water.

    Cellar well, also known as checking well, is located over the drainage pipe used for drainage pipeline access, as well as for maintenance, inspection and clearance.

    Pumping Station, a general name for pumping stations and their supporting facilities, is set to pump sewage and rainwater, in order to ensure the normal operation of the drainage system. Pumping Stations include sewage pumping station, rainwater pumping stations and combined drainage pumping stations.

    Sewage treatment plant is to carry out purification treatment of sewage before it is discharge to the water body to avoid water pollution.

    Pipes refer to all kinds of drainage lines used for conveying rain water. Pipelines can be divided into: sewage pipes, rainwater pipes and combined drainage pipes.

    Discharge is a specially facility used to discharge the collected rain water and treated sewage into water body.