Why do we perform drainage permit system?

    Answer: 1. To ensure drainage facilities to be in good condition and under normal operation

    The implementation of drainage permit system aims to inform in advance and stop the acts of damage to drainage facilities to ensure and maintain the normal operation of drainage facilities.

    2. To protect the city against damage in flood season

    According to the "Regulations of the Shanghai Municipality on Drainage Administration", rainwater and sewage diversion shall be employed in newly constructed areas; in areas whose sewage effluent exceeds the capacity of drainage facilities or in the flood season, an overall regulation of drainage time and amount shall be applied. All drainage households shall be subject to scheduling and are not allowed to take actions privately.

    3. To Protect water resources and improve water environment

    According to "Shanghai Drainage Management Regulations", the water quality of sewage drainage should meet the standards of relevant provisions of the state and the city, in order to control water pollution and protect the water environment.