Why is drainage fee charged?

    Answer: Due to the poor infrastructure, inadequate drainage systems and low sewage treatment capacity of Shanghai, the water of Huangpu River and other rivers was severely polluted, causing a continuous black-odor in the water which threatens the living environment of 3 million inhabitants on riversides.

    In order to change the status of backwardness in the city??s drainage facilities, gradually improve the ecological environment and the quality of people??s life, it??s necessary to increase investment in urban drainage facilities. Consequently, in light of relevant regulations of the state and the principles of "who drains sewage, who bears the responsibility for governance" and "who uses, who pays", with the approval of the municipal government, from April 1996 onwards, the users have been charged by Shanghai Urban Drainage Co., Ltd. an ??access fee for drainage facilities?? (simply referred to as "drainage fee").

    At present, the drainage fee is 0.45 yuan/m3 with the drainage cost being 90% of the total volume consumed. Currently, it is collected by regional water companies entrusted by Shanghai Urban Drainage Co., Ltd., which is more economical and convenient with the drainage fee bill and water bill printed and charged together.