What are the protective measures mentioned in ’Shanghai Water Law of the Peoples Republic of China‘ concerning water, water areas and water engineering?

    Answer: According to ??Shanghai Water Law of the Peoples Republic of China??, water resources shall be owned by the state; All units shall have the obligation of protecting water resources; the development and utilization of water resources and the prevention and control of water disasters shall be carried out by comprehensive planning with all factors taken into consideration, and with emphasis on multipurpose use; Strict control over the exploitation of groundwater; plan for the use of water and implement economical use of water; No unit or individual shall, while channeling, storing or discharging water, infringe upon public interests or the lawful rights and interests of other people; the city shall put into practice a license system for drawing water.

    Besides, ??Shanghai Water Law of the Peoples Republic of China?? also has the following stipulations: delineation of conservation and management scope of rivers, lakes and various water projects; prohibition of lake reclamation; when carrying out water projects, the set and expansion of sewage outlets to rivers and lakes shall be approved by water administrative department; no practices like grazing, planting, cutting wave crops or building sheds, houses and graves are allowed within the protection and management areas of rivers, lakes and various water projects; within the protection zones, any act of garbage dumping, blasting, drilling wells, quarrying rock, excavating and other behaviors which endangers the safety of protective banks, embankments and crops are allowed without approval; prohibition of seizing, destroying, stealing and damaging water project facilities, hydrologic monitoring facilities and flood prevention facilities.